Cherry Mountain Observatory
Fredericksburg, Texas
Remote Astro- Imaging, Research, and Video Astronomy Telescope Rental

UPDATE Fall 2011: All observatory systems are unavailable until further notice. The observatory is currently in transition from a focus on deep-sky, long exposure astro-imaging, to a new focus on lunar and planetary webcam imaging and remote video astronomy. During our transition between equipment and configurations, all CMO systems will be down. We will update this website and email our customer group when the new equipment is in place and tested. Thank you for your continued interest in Cherry Mountain Observatory.


- We provide Internet-based access for rental of telescope time for planetary and
  deep sky astro-imaging, video astronomy, or research on our professional,
  top- quality equipment

- You can utilize our full line of Meade LX200R 10", Televue NP101is and 127is
  APOs, and RCOS 14.5" Carbon Truss Ritchey Chretien telescopes

- On our Paramount ME mounts, or in certain configurations on our Atlas EQ-G

- Each scope can be configured with our SBIG ST-4000XCM One Shot Color, SBIG
  STL11000-M (C, LRGB and narrowband filters), or Mallincam Color Hyper Plus
  CCD cameras

- We provide planetary and deep-sky imaging for long focal length, wide-field and
  remote video astronomy with our selection of CCD cameras

- OUR SKIES are DARK with an average of 21.4 mags/arc sec2 on the Sky Quality
  Meter (SQM)

- OUR SKIES are TRANSPARENT with high air quality

- OUR SKIES provide EXCELLENT SEEING with an average of 1.4 arc seconds, with
  1 arc-second common as measured by our SBIG Seeing Monitor

- Our price will be the best you can find and will be tailored based on the time of
  year and moon cycle to maximize your value, guaranteed